LST Heavy Liquid for the World

Purchasing LST Heavy Liquid: Suppliers

LST Heavy Liquid is manufactured in Perth, Western Australia and is distributed to many parts of the world directly from Perth. Delivery is free within Australia.

Please find the distributor for your area from the list below, and contact them by email or telephone. There are regional distributors for the USA, Europe, Japan, China and Thailand. The following prices are indicative and generally do not include freight. Prices vary a little according to the exchange rate and changes in import/distribution costs in each country.

Australian flag    Distribution in Australia and elsewhere

Contact    Dr Vincent Patrick
   Central Chemical Consulting Pty Ltd
   PO Box 2546, Malaga WA 6944
Phone    (+61) 8 9248 2739
E-mail    [email protected]

The Australian price for small quantities (1-4 litres) of LST Heavy Liquid S.G. 2.85 is AU$1,100 per litre, excluding GST. On a weight basis, this is approximately AU$386 per kg of heavy liquid.

Please contact us for pricing on larger amounts. We can normally ship small quantities of LST Heavy Liquid within 2 days of receiving a confirmed order.

USA flag    Distribution in the USA

Web site
E-mail    [email protected]

The cost of LST Heavy Liquid in the U.S. is US$755 + freight for one litre at SG 2.85. This is equivalent to US$120 per pound of liquid for quantities between 1 and 4 litres.

UK flag    EU flag    Distribution in the UK and Europe

Note that LST Fastfloat is sold in Europe, not the LST Heavy Liquid that is sold elsewhere.

Contact    David Simpson
   Pangea UK
   14 St Mary’s Place, Chippenham Wilts SN15 1EN
   United Kingdom
Phone    (+44) 01249 463 841
Fax    (+44) (0)1249 463 841
Web site
E-mail    [email protected]

The cost of LST Fastfloat in the UK is 324 GBP for one litre at SG 2.82. This is approximately 115 GBP per kilogram of liquid.

Japan flag    Distribution in Japan

Contact    Mr Kanazawa
   Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd
   16-9 Kodenma-Cho Nihonbashi Chuo-Ku Tokyo
Phone    (+81) 03-3667-7703
Fax    (+81) 03-3667-7708
E-mail    [email protected]

Please contact the above distributor for the current price of LST Heavy Liquid in Japan.

China flag    Distribution in China

Contact     Jinge Yang
Beijing Cesmovy Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Room1319, Unit 2, Building No. 1, Vanke xiaotun aster, Fengtai District
Beijing 100166
P.R. China
Phone     +86 010-67231922
Mobile     +86 010-13811666580
Fax     +86 010-67231922
E-mail     [email protected]

Please contact the above distributor for the current price of LST Heavy Liquid in China.

Thailand flag    Distribution in Thailand

Contact    Dr Pichanon Suwannathada
   Lambda Nu Co., Ltd.
   29/402 Moo 9, Chaengwattana Road
   Bangphut, Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120
Phone    (+66) 2503 4435
Fax    (+66) 2503 4436
E-mail    [email protected]

Please contact the above distributor for the current price of LST Heavy Liquid in Thailand.

New Distributors

If you are interested in distributing LST Heavy Liquid in areas outside Australia, Europe, USA, Japan, China or Thailand, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

LST Heavy Liquid in use