LST Heavy Liquid for the World

LST Heavy Liquid for density separations

Advantages of using LST Heavy Liquid

LST Heavy Liquid has many advantages over its competitors.

Less Viscous

LST Heavy Liquid is less viscous, in some cases much less so, than any of its competitors, including LMT and SPT. This means you will obtain faster and more efficient separations. It also remains much less viscous than its competitors when used at higher densities.

Below is a short video that illustrates the speed of separation in LST Heavy Liquid compared to LMT.

                                                    LST (left)        LMT (right)

Mineral separation in LST (on the left) compared to LMT(on the right). The separation took less than two minutes in LST Heavy Liquid, but was still not complete in LMT after five minutes.

Low Toxicity

LST Heavy Liquid has low toxicity, does not require the use of a fume hood and requires no special equipment when handled. Unlike organic heavy liquids, it does not produce toxic fumes.

Thermally Stable

Our testing has shown that LST Heavy Liquid is more thermally stable than its competitors. This means that LST Heavy Liquid can be used at a greater range of densities and temperatures than other heavy liquids.

Readily Recycled

LST Heavy Liquid is easily and effectively recycled, with greater than 99% efficiency, which means that you can reuse it many times with almost no loss. No special or expensive equipment is needed to recycle LST Heavy Liquid.

Capable of Higher Densities

LST Heavy Liquid can be used at a density of up to 2.9 g/ml at room temperature, and can reach densities of up to 3.6 g/ml when used at elevated temperatures.

Technical Support

LST Heavy Liquid is supported by a highly experienced team of Ph.D qualified chemists. If you have any questions about using or recycling LST Heavy Liquid, you talk directly to the manufacturer, not a salesperson who is unable to give you information you need.

rocks floating in LST Heavy Liquid