LST Heavy Liquid for the World

LST Heavy Liquid for density separations

Central Chemical Consulting manufactures and supplies the dense liquid LST Heavy Liquid to research and chemical laboratories in over sixty countries. LST Heavy Liquid is used wherever a low toxicity, fast, safe heavy liquid is required for float-sink separations. This includes mineral sands separations, separating indicator minerals in diamond prospecting, palynology and in paleontology. LST Heavy Liquid can also be used with tungsten carbide as a heavy suspension when separations at higher densities are required.

We also provide research and development services and specialty technology for the mineral industries. The research at Central Chemical Consulting is conducted by a group of PhD qualified industrial chemists and scientists. The commitment Central Chemical Consulting has to its clients shows in the quality of our products and services. Most of our efforts are focussed on helping organisations in Australia, but we also supply products and chemical technology internationally.

LST Heavy Liquid in use